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Hobbies & Friends

Let's talk about what I like to do during my spare time.
As almost everybody on the big net, I really enjoy all the computer stuff. Not only sufting, mailing, IRCing, but also playing with hardware, screwing and unscrewing my computer, small repairs in general. But you will find enough info on the other pages...
Since a couple of years I also enjoy shooting with the bow. I think it is a pretty unusual sport, but, believe me, it is very funny, expecially if you have the chace to have some shooting sessions outdoor!
What can I say about music? Well, in parish we set up a small chorus, and I'm singing with the basses... I want to save you hears, so I didn't link any sample :-)
Beside singing I also like listening, I'm not gonna say that today's music is only crap, but I often like to go back in time an listen to some good old jazz or even classical music. I really think it is worth!

About my friends.... what can I say? Their web pages are self explanatory! Please note that I do not take any responsability for their pages, the contents or the images. They did that by themselves.... Enjoy!

Last update: 19-nov-01