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Personal Information

Name: Francesco
Surname: Dipietromaria
Birth date: 18 Jan 1973
Address: available on request
ZIP/City: I-10128 Torino
Country: Italy

...only AMIGA makes it possible!

First of all, let me say something about me and my devotion to computers. I'm an undergraduate student of Computer Science at the Turin University (actually I stopped my studies for a while).
My first computer was a C=64, bought in december 1984. The netxt step couldn't be anything but an Amiga: it comes my hand in 1988: it was a wonderful A500, with half mega ram. After very few months I bought an external drive, so I started using Amiga & AmigaDOS not only for playing.
I soon got an expansion up to 1 Mb, then 2.5 Mb, followed by a SCSI card with an hard drive, an Oktagon 500 SCSI controller with a Quantum LPS52.
When I came at this university, I get in thouch with Macs and my mind got soon opened to the new horizont of VAX, Unix systems and Internet... and now you can find me here!

As everybody surfing on the net and as every programmer (even if I never published anything), I really try to support software products I like, expecially shareware ones.

I've already attended civil service alternative to the compulsory military service.
I have been working in Oxford (UK) for an IT consultancy company where I learn everything about the Citrix WinFrame, an interesting multiuser and multitasking system based on the well known NT 3.51 server. Then I got the "Citrix Certified Administrator" cert.
Right now I work at Cores Srl, still looking after Citrix product and NT/2000 stuff. You may also have a look at my transcript at Brainbench.

Please, have a look to what I'm doing on my computer: check my projects.

I'd like to tell you something else about me. I'm fond of computers, photos, archery, and animals. I do love very much animals, expecially dogs. I had a wonderful dog I loved very much, who died in 1989 (he was 13 years old). Here you can have a look to his photo (70023 bytes JPEG image).

My contact addresses have been moved here.

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