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Amiga Hardware Gallery

The Amiga Hardware Gallery has not been updated or maintained for quite a long time. I noticed that my small collection of hardware has got few references all around, so I decided to clean up this pages and fix all the links.

How did it all started? Well, I would like to buildup some kind of Museum of old Amiga hardware, starting with A2000 cards & expansion. I won't be able to create a comprehensive list, so I started form some pieces of hardware I bought. Please, before throwing away your old and useless hardware, mail me: I could be interested.

My idea is to provide a useful reference for all those cards, including images, jumper settings and eventually drivers and software. For this reason, if you know any specific feature of a particular card and you want to share it, send me and e-mail. Please mail me even full pages of products if you have time to write them down.

Right now in this page you will find many useful links to some of the listed hardware.
Certain pages contains .dms's of the installation disks of those products.


From this site

External links

(mainly from www.amiga-hardware.com)
A500 Expansions
Memory (only) Expansion
  • A2052 RAM expansion
SCSI Host Adapter
Accelerator Boards
Video/Graphics & related
  • A2032 pal encoder
  • GVP Spectrum
  • Peggy Plus
  • Picasso II
  • Picasso IV
  • Video Genlock (ECR Elettronica)
  • VLab
Multi Serial/Modem cards
  • MultiFaceCard III
  • GVP Phone Pack
  • A10 speakers
  • CDTV
  • CD1221 (CDTV black keyboard)
  • CD1252 (Infrared mouse)
  • CD1301 (CDTV Genlock Module)
  • CD1321 (CDTV Scart Video Module)

Please visiti the link page to get more information.

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