Citrix festeggia 25 anni di attività

Citrix_25_years17 aprile 1989: in quella data nasceva Citrix Systems.

Dopo 25 anni di attività, Citrix festeggia il suo compleanno con un breve video che ripercorre gli sviluppi e le conquiste di questa società, accompagnato da una lettera di Mark Templeton e David Henshall (che allego integralmente in inglese):

On April 17, 1989, Citrix was founded by three entrepreneurs with a far-reaching dream. That dream was to invent technologies that would give people the freedom to work the way they wanted. Since the start, we have believed that work is not simply a place, and that our inventions could empower people, by allowing them to choose how, where and when they work.
Over the last 25 years, we’ve held steadfast to this belief, listening carefully about your business challenges and anticipating the future on your behalf. You are the driving force behind Citrix and our partners in innovation, always pushing us to be our best and to do what’s right for you. Your support and continued trust in us are at the heart of our success. Thank you.

Today, Citrix is at the epicenter of the mobile and cloud revolution. Our products span virtualization, networking, cloud and mobility, enabling people to work and collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device. We believe passionately in our vision of mobile workspaces and their ability to help people, IT and businesses reach their full potential and we are inspired by the ways you, our customers, are using these solutions to help people work better, and to live better.

Ultimately, the value of technology can only be measured by how it benefits people. That’s why we believe putting people at the center of IT is fundamental to our success and to yours. No matter what form devices take, how rich applications become, or over what networks information travels, it starts and ends with people—connecting them to what they need to do and what they need to achieve.

The first 25 years have been an amazing journey, but it is in our DNA to always be looking forward to what’s next. The only certainty for the future is that the monumental changes we’ve seen in the IT landscape are going to keep coming. As they arrive, we’ll be ready, and you will be too. That’s our promise to you and what a true partnership is really all about.

So, on behalf of the entire Citrix team, thank you for going on this journey with us and for sharing in our vision and our dreams.

Tanti auguri, Citrix.

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